Trophy’s Steakhouse – Queen Creek, AZ

by Carl

December 5, 2012. Sometimes you just want to try someplace different for a change. It does not have to be a long trip, a great adventure, or cost a fortune. We found one of these places about 20 minutes down the road from us in the town of Queen Creek, Arizona.

It used to be that we would try a different restaurant now and then to explore some of the Phoenix area’s diverse cuisines. Although we prefer a steak cooked just right on our own grill these days, we used a certificate to try Trophy’s Steakhouse and experience the restaurant’s rather unique approach to decor. It was an interesting experience, as well as a good steak dinner!

Now, many people are hunters [and that is fine, although I am not] or photographers [which I only do casually] and enjoy the challenge of interacting with wildlife in, well, the wild. In this case, all you really had to do to be able to [sort of] interact with wildlife was to go to what became the Wild Side Grill (formerly Trophy’s) before it closed in September 2014 to experience dioramas of wildlife throughout the restaurant. It was an interesting meal!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, folks, Trophy’s is now a piece of the Phoenix area’s history. I hope that you enjoy the pictures of an experience that once was…

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