Meet Carl and Jo Forkner!

Welcome to our travel Blog site. We are glad you dropped in!

We have known each other for most of our lives, having gone to junior high and high school together in the suburbs south of Chicago. Although we each went our separate ways after high school, we again found each other in 2009 and have been together ever since. Sometimes you really do get a second chance at finding the right person with whom to share your life after all!

Jo worked in the Chicago area for a number of years while attending college and raising her son, Keith. In the late 1990’s she moved to Arizona–a place where she always wanted to live. She worked at a few companies in the private sector doing production management and then spent the bulk of her career working in procurement at the Arizona Department of Education. She retired from the workforce after we got married on Columbus Day in 2012.

Carl taught school at the junior high, high school, and undergraduate levels for three years in Western Illinois while completing his first Master’s degree. After graduation, he joined the Navy and spent 28 1/2 years as a naval officer; it was during his Navy service that he earned his second Master’s degree and then started his Ph.D. while serving as an Assistant Professor in International Security Studies. Carl retired from the Navy in November 2011 and then moved to Arizona to be with Jo. Once there, he started his own consulting business while finishing up his Ph.D. and then took a position with Dynamic Worldwide Training Consultants in Tempe, Arizona, where he currently serves as Chief Operating Officer and an instructor.

We are excited about the future and our journeys together!

One of the most interesting things about America is the wide range of cultures right here within our borders. No matter where you live or where you travel, you can find unique cultural aspects and heritage throughout our great country. Both of us love learning new things about our great nation and its history, as well as experiencing the many wonders America has to offer.

We have been taking the opportunity to travel to locations in the U.S. when our schedules permit, finding new places to explore in this great country of ours. This Blog is our opportunity to share with you some of our experiences as we visit places that are new to us as well as some old favorites.

We will post a new trip each month highlighting different locations around the US.

Come along – we hope you enjoy the journey!

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